NCSA’s Partners

NCSA has created valuable partnerships with well-known sports organizations across the country in order to broaden our reach and enhance our ability to help student-athletes.

NCSA is able to develop customized programs to provide recruiting education for nationwide partnerships, affiliations and accredited facilities.Check out all NCSA partners! 


Examples of NCSA Partnership

Like Football University, NCSA aims to take athletes and give them every opportunity needed to succeed at the next level.  They have provided many Football University athletes opportunities that they may never have had otherwise.  NCSA provides a platform for every player whether it be in Division 1, 2, or 3 they can find a fit for your son. 

                 -Steve Quinn, International Recruiting and Scouting Director

In 2010, NCSA partnered with the NFL Players Association. The collaboration allows members of the NFLPA to take an active supporting role in NCSA’s efforts to inform and empower students who are looking for opportunities through athletic scholarships.

NCSA’s “College Recruiting Simplified” seminar program uses former professional athletes as speakers to help explain the college recruiting process. Many of these first-hand accounts come from former NFL players, and NCSA is actually the largest single employer of former NFL players worldwide.

The partnership for us is simple. We see NCSA as a premiere company that not only enhances the college recruitment process, but serves as an essential and advantageous resource for all student athletes.

-Andre Collins, NFLPA Former Player Services Director

In the summer of 2012, NCSA joined forces with the United States Tennis Association Player Development. This partnership allowed NCSA to work directly with the USTA and give the organization access to expert recruiting advice.

We are excited to add one more very important component – recruiting education. With the resources of NCSA Athletic Recruiting, we are excited to provide our families the absolute best recruiting information & technology there is to offer.

-Patrick McEnroe, USTA Player Development General Manager

Five-Star Basketball revolutionized the way players approached basketball recruiting and the importance of working on hoops during the summer. NCSA, being an innovator in the college recruiting process, is a perfect fit to provide information about basketball recruiting to Five-Star camp attendees.

We do not have the infrastructure at Five-Star alone to help these kids get to the D1 or D3 level. NCSA was a logical partner through their resources and their ability to connect to college coaches.

 -Leigh Alan Klein, CEO Five-Star Basketball


NCSA has built dozens of important partnerships to help make the recruiting process easier for all student-athletes.

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